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Social Media Rules For LOHSG

Last Updated:  10.04.24

Social Media Rules for the Lancashire Occupational Health and Safety Group, hereafter referred to as LOHSG.


For the purpose of these rules, the term “Social Media” refers to any online platform that allows users to post, comment, react or otherwise engage with others through its use.


  • Standard decent decorum is expected in all social media posts and the rules of the platform being used must be adhered to such as (but not limited to) no racism, no bullying, no hate speech, no sexism, no pornographic images or text.

  • LOHSG posts must be kept apolitical, except for where an act of government or its agents, puts into risk the integrity or effectiveness of health and safety standards in the UK.

  • Any LOHSG member with control of the groups social media accounts must ensure that they do not react to any post made by another party which may contravene points 1 and 2 of these rules, when using the LOHSG account. This includes but is not limited to, likes, emojis and other interaction icons. Doing so could give the impression that LOHSG supports the views of said party.

  • All social media posts by the group’s accounts must be made with the intention of promoting LOHSG, advertising group events or growing its audience.

  • Social media log in details must not be passed to anyone without written permission (which must be seconded) from the Executive Committee

  • While members personal social media accounts are their own, LOHSG requests that any member mentioning LOHSG in their profile or bio, takes care not post or react to any views that could be harmful to the reputation of the group.

  • Unsolicited direct messages to the LOHSG account(s) offering services such as web design, logo design, or pay-to-promote services must be ignored and not replied to. Doing so risks the security of the LOHSG account information.

  • Members must not post images/videos that have a clear copyright. However, sharing a post from the original source is permitted, if it is clear they will have the copyright. For example, sharing a video from the HSE that was made by the HSE is permitted as it is clear that the source has been credited, but “grabbing” the content and passing it off as being produced by LOHSG by adding watermarks/logos, is not.

  • Producing social media or promotional material that contains music must be given careful consideration that the music used is either originally composed by the member or is in the public domain. Social media channels use algorithms to detect copyright music, and breaches can see the social media accounts locked or deleted.

  • LOHSG must preserve its good standing in the community. Members should always consider this before posting on social media.

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