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Permitted Logo Usage and Linking Policy

Using our Logo 

Lancashire Occupational Health and Safety Group (LOHSG) are keen for its members, whether professional or corporate, to use our logo on websites or in marketing materials, but we wish to ensure this is done in a consistent and professional manner. Permission to use the LOHSG logo must be obtained from LOHSG before use.

Reproduction of the logo is carefully controlled to ensure that it is used in appropriate contexts and applications, as well as in the correct format and style. This policy applies to both print and electronic media.

Linking to LOHSG - Professional Link Pages and Third-Party Website use:

We encourage all our Members and Corporate Members to link the LOHSG website.

LOHSG (Individual Member or Corporate Member)

Individual LOHSG members or Corporate members holding an active membership are entitled to use the LOHSG logo on personal stationary (e.g. profiles, business cards, company email sign off etc), and the company website.

Do’s and Don’ts

It is essential that our logos are used correctly and consistently, as failing to do so will otherwise compromise and/or weaken our Group identity. Therefore:

  • Always reference the website only as ‘Lancashire Occupational Health and Safety Group’

  • Always use an original version of the LOHSG logo and never create your own

  • Never alter the logo without permission

  • Don’t add effects like shadows, dimensions and/or gradients to the logo

  • Don’t stretch, compress or distort the logo

  • Don’t alter any of the colours, as by using LOHSG colours you will help to enhance recognition of our logo and reinforce our charity identity

  • Don’t make the logo a single colour, other than print in black and white

  • Don’t use another font within the logo

  • Don’t place the logo at an angle

  • Don’t use the logo on a background image that makes it unclear or where there is insufficient contrast

  • Don’t copy content from our LOHSG website without express written permission from LOHSG

  • Don’t link to our website if your website is used for illegal purposes, is distasteful, or inappropriate for people of all ages

Please note that we can remove consent for you to use our logos, or link to our website without any reason necessary and at any time.

To request usage of LOHSG logo or web site content please send an email to the LOHSG Secretary providing details.

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